33rd Degree Freemason/Scion of Atlantis


R5 Glass Walker Theurge


His investigations into the mystical roots of Freemasonry revealed a connection to a vanished society, evidently Weaver-influenced and intellectually advanced far beyond the present era. As he probed deeper, he encountered Weaver spirits who pointed him toward a written language that shared certain features with a number of historical and contemporary tongues, evidently a predecessor of some kind. He finally uncovered the truth abut the existence and fate of Atlantis, as well as the prophecy of its return and its martial power. He dreamed of turning this force against the enemies of the Garou and rationality, envisioning a world built upon order, reason, and incorruptibility. Maarten set to the task of dredging Atlantis from the depths and circumventing the fate of the world through the subsequent arrival of Lilitu.


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